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A college graduate from Langston University with her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Broadcast Journalism, Brittni Logan has made her dream a reality and is the creator of Humble Apparel [LLC].


Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Logan has always had a passion for fashion; dreaming one day of having her own fashion line and/or clothing brand. With the dream always in mind, at the age of 25, she stepped out on faith and put action behind her words. 

Logan wanted to build the Humble Apparel empire one step at a time. What better way to do than having a solid foundation with the “Back 2 Basics” Collection. With this collection, we want to create a vibe that anyone can experience! Where each body type in any gender, race, or color feels confident and comfortable. One thing we ultimately do is live by our motto, 


“Confidence comes from the quality; We look conceited, but remain HUMBLE.”


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Humbled Customs is a customization service done through Humble Apparel. Whether it is customizing some humble drip or even creating your drip from scratch, we got you!

We want to make sure that you're humbled custom meets your needs. A consultation is the best way we know exactly what you want.

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